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Tree Transplanting


Boe’s Tree Care, LLC has many different types and sizes of trees available for our customers to purchase. We can move your own trees on your property to a different location. Boe’s Tree Care, LLC also offers a root stimulator that is applied during tree transplanting. An insecticide is also added to our root stimulator, this helps protects against aphids, mites, and beetles.

Tree Trimming & Removal

Have a low hanging branch that hits you every time you mow your yard? Is that tree getting too close to your house? Boe’s Tree Care, LLC offers both tree removal and tree trimming. We have various bucket trucks that allow us to reach the heights needed to take down trees of all sizes. We also offer stump grinding.

Tree Care

In addition to root stimulators and insecticides during transplanting, Boe’s Tree Care, LLC can also spray your trees for needle cast. We can also spray your trees for winter burn.

Snow Removal

Our snow removal services is among the most trusted in the city of Grand Forks. We offer snow removal of driveways, walkways, or sidewalks of your home and offer excellent customer service for our clients. We are here as a solution and convenience. We offer overnight snow removal service to keep your driveway clear of snow when you wake up the next morning.